Friday, October 3, 2008

Sneaky Boy

We had "brunch" for dinner last night. It's always a favorite. However Caleb has become somewhat picky lately. Not so much about what food he likes, more about how the food is put onto his plate &/or what plate he is using.

To start out, Chris has put a little bit of everything on Caleb's plate. Caleb didn't like that. First of all, he did not just want some of the eggs on his plate...he wanted the entire plate of eggs that was in the middle of the table. Going with the whole "choose your battles" theory, since everybody had taken some eggs & there wasn't that much left, we gave it to him. Then it was an issue about the waffle. He didn't like the one that Chris cut up. So fine, I got him a different one, and didn't cut it. But that wasn't good enough, either. I guess there was a specific waffle that he wanted.

I was getting a wee bit tired of the game by this point & told him that he had to eat the waffle that was on his plate before he could take another one. Caleb then took the waffle on his plate & put his hand under the table. He saw me watching him, so he paused for a minute. I thought for sure he was going to throw the whole thing to the dog. I guess he realized that would be to obvious, so instead, he began pulling it apart & just throwing pieces to the dog.

Need I remind you that he is not even two years old yet???!!! Lord help me when that boy is a teenager!!

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