Thursday, October 16, 2008

Give till it Hurts

Amata had dance last night, which goes until 6:15, and that is about the same time Chris got home also, so needless to say, at 6:30 when Amata & I got home dinner was not cooking. I went to look through the freezers to see if there was something quick we could make, and managed to find some chicken nuggets & shrimp.

I just came in & started the oven when Tyler walked into the kitchen. He said, "Mom, did dad tell you about my idea to order pizza from Casey's for dinner? I'll even call in the order for you."

What a giver that boy is! He just gives & gives until it hurts!

Sadly, though, that will likely be the last pizza's we order from Casey's. We just don't have good luck there. This is the second time in a row that Chris went to pick up the pizza at the time they told us and they hadn't even started cooking them! Then, this time, the guy apparently slid it wrong, so half of the pizza flipped over in the box. He also rolled that crust paper thin in the middle, so even the pieces that didn't get flipped over fell apart. At least Chris didn't pay for that pizza, but it still pretty much wrecked our dinner.

Chris said he's planning to call the company, but the last time we did that, the store manager called to bitch me out for not calling her first. Seriously??? Maybe she should spend a little more time in her store at night, and then she'd know that her employees were screwing around. (Honestly, over half the time our pizza are made wrong, or not ready on time.) It is just disappointing because when it's made properly, I really do like their pizza.

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