Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Little Celebrity

Okay, first of all I know I've been slacking with my posts a bit this week. But it is my last week at my job so I'm feverishly trying to get everything that I have been putting off til another day done this week! Okay, it's not actually my "last day" last day, the council did approve me to work part time after hours & from home for at least a month, possibly longer depending on how the hiring goes, but it is my last day here during normal business hours.

But moving on... during Fire Prevention Week, the fire department drives all over the town with their lights on and sometimes sirens, and the kids of the firemen are usually riding on the truck, too. I don't know exactly why the do, but the kids always like it.

So last night when I heard them coming I told the kids to watch for them. They came by once and then turned around at the end of the road and came by a second time. Caleb was still standing by the window, and as they drove past I heard a "Hi Caleb" coming from the truck.

I'm pretty sure it came from one of the boys that was on Tyler's baseball team this past summer. Caleb was kind of their little mascot, as he loved to throw the ball to the kids who were on the bench. It got to the point that as we would be walking to the field, we'd hear someone saying "Hey, Caleb's here." I sure hope that his celebrity status here doesn't go to his head!


Amy said...

This is great! My boys would love to be announced from a Fire truck!

Trish said...

How cute!