Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Day

It looks like we will be having a white Christmas this year. I have no clue how much snow we actually got yesterday, but it was a lot. School started out 2 hours late, but by 8 am, it was cancelled for the day. The school kids seemed to be a tad bit more excited about that than I was! It didn't take them long to feel the need to go outside. I don't mind them going out to play, but it is sure a lot of work getting them ready!

Once they were out, though, they had a blast.

I do have some requirements, though. You must have a hat, mittens, boots, snow pants & coat. And you must be over the age of 3 (or the age of 5 if Tyler is not out there, too). So, the babies had to watch the action from inside.

There is one very good thing about school being cancelled.... Tyler was willing to shovel the snow left by the snow plow at the bottom of the driveway for a mere $10.00. Let me tell you, it was totally worth every penny! Do you know how heavy that snow can be? (Okay, so maybe I don't know exactly how heavy it was, since I don't remember the last time I've had to shovel a driveway, but it sure looked heavy by the way he was shoveling and how long it took him!) All I had to do was shovel the sidewalk that had pretty light, fluffy snow and my back is hurting today!

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