Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

No, I don’t mean decorating, baking & wrapping gifts for Christmas, although I have done two out of those three things. I’m talking about decluttering.

I decided to be a little more pro-active this year. Instead of waiting until several months after Christmas, when I just couldn’t stand having toys covering every square inch of the house, and then weeding through all of the toys, deciding which ones needed to go, I spent last weekend going through them, and managed to get rid of 2 totes & two large boxes full of toys.

I feel so much better now! It’s amazing how you can get rid of half of the toys, and not one of the kids has even noticed yet. I think they’ve had more fun than before, because they’ve found a bunch of toys they didn’t even know we had!

And before you feel too sorry for my kids, having such a mean mom who steals their toys, please remember that there are 5 of them. Which means we barely fit into this house as it is, let alone have enough room left to just add to the existing toys. We have to create space, and it is either get rid of some of their toys, or get rid of some of my stuff, and that wasn't going to happen!


Tracy said...

What do you do with the toys? Every time I "clean up" I just end up with boxes of stuff. We're too far out in the boonies to have a garage sale (plus, who wants to have one this time of year), and the couple of second hand stores I've tried usually tell me they already have too many of whatever it is I'm trying to sell them. Any advice?

Trish said...

advice for tracy- try a children's hospital or the peds ward of the local hospital. Also, a shelter would be more than glad to accept them.