Monday, December 8, 2008

17 days?!?!

I am usually one of those irritating people who is completely done with their Christmas shopping BEFORE Black Friday. I would maybe have a couple of stocking stuffers to get, or be waiting for some things to arrive in the mail, but basically done, and on a really good year, I would even have it all wrapped. Not only that, but I would also usually have all birthday gifts through April done, as well. (And if you know my family, that is no small feat… there are 5 birthday's in January alone!) By now, my Christmas letter would have been done, addressed, & mailed, along with pictures.

This year…not so much. I do have the paper purchased to print my letter on, but the letter itself isn't even started. The annual family picture in front of the tree?? Nope, not done. And as for the gifts? HELP! I usually have a very organized spreadsheet, showing what I am giving everybody, if it is purchased yet, if it has arrived yet, and even if it is wrapped. And I would, of course, have it all in separate boxes depending on where it had to go.

At this point, nothing is done. I have some toys out in the shed, but they are pretty much all for the little kids, and I really have no idea who's getting what. I thought I had Cameron's big gift done…the Peanut doll from Jeff Dunham. Until I started thinking it should have arrived by now. So I went to my email to check the confirmation for a shipping date. No confirmation. So then I went to check the credit card statement to see when it was charged… no charge. I clearly remember going to the website, ordering it, and getting out my credit card, but since they are now sold out, that doesn't do me much good. There are some on Ebay, but they are going for over three times as much!

I at least know what we're getting for Tyler's main gift, but we were waiting to see what kind of discount we'll get through Chris' new job. And poor Baylee. Since she is only a year, I haven't really paid much attention on what to get her, and so I'm not so sure that I have anything for her yet!

What have I been doing with all of my time? Besides making breakfast & doing the dishes, and changing diapers and making lunch & doing the dishes & changing diapers, and making Tyler or Cameron make dinner for us & doing the dishes & changing diapers. Oh, and I suppose you could throw laundry in there, somewhere too. I have been getting things washed; it's that whole putting it away part that been tough to get done.

So, maybe someday you'll get our Christmas card. Or maybe it'll be a Happy New Year's card instead??


The Brown Gang said...

I'll look forward to getting my Christmas card in the New! Don't feel bad I am in the same boat, I just ordered my cards today-hope to get them out this weekend, my shopping is done as of yesterday. Look on the good side you did score with the black friday gifts :)

Trish said...

I was bummed to miss out on the peanut dolls too. We had planned to buy one for me and one for my sister in law but they were sold out when I checked the website. :( Saddness! And you are right- the prices on ebay are crazy!!!