Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treating

Halloween is easily one of the favorite holidays for my crew. Chris & the boys (mostly Cameron, although Tyler will help out some) love decorating for it. For the past several years, they have actually created a graveyard. They've tried to add some to it every year. A couple of years ago, the local newspaper even had a picture of it on their front page. It got a pretty windy this year, so by the time I took the pictures, some of it had blown down. I was also too far away, so the picture doesn't really do it justice.

Sadly, with Chris' new job, he had to work Halloween night this year. So, I took pictures & Tyler recorded out trick or treating outing.

Amata was of course a princess - what else would she be!

Sticking with the obvious, Caleb was a Twins baseball player.

Baylee doesn't really have any obvious things she loves, so she got the costume I found at the consignment store - a chicken.

Cameron decided to be Iron Man, and Tyler had wanted to just get a mask, but never found one he liked (unless you count the $50 plus shipping one he found online). But I did convince him to throw on his Twins jersey, too, so he & Caleb could be a pair.

I only took the babies to about half a dozen houses. That's about all they can make it before trying to dig into their candy, anyway. After that we come back home to hand out candy....and the kids seem to have just as much fun answering the door & handing out the candy.

I wasn't sure how Caleb would react to the trick or treating, but he amazed me. At the second house he even tried to walk right in. And although he doesn't actually say "thank you" yet, he did try, basically grunting 2 syllables.

And, yes, Baylee did get in on the action. But with me taking the pictures, and her not walking yet, she didn't make it in most of the pictures. I had Tyler snap this one at the very end as we were heading back home.

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Carrie said...

cute! - you look just like you're 18 still!! :)