Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Time

Halloween kind of snuck up on us this year. Normally, we buy our pumpkins from a farmer between here & Mankato - he usually has hay bales, corn stalks & all sizes of pumpkins, and you can get sort of a variety pack for $20. But for some reason he wasn't doing it this year. So on Wednesday, Chris & the boys ran to Mankato for some stuff & picked up the pumpkins. Amata & I had to stay behind because she has dance on Wednesdays.

Since Thursday was Caleb's birthday and Cameron's band concert, we also needed to get them carved out on Wednesday. Tyler decided this year that he was too old for it, so he didn't pick out anything. But the other 4 kids all got pumpkins. Unfortunately, Baylee was way to crabby for pumpkin carving, she had to go to bed.

Caleb & Amata had fun painting theirs. We rarely get out paint around here - I'm sure you can guess why - so it was a real treat for them. Tyler was nice enough to help the little ones. I guess it's okay as long as it's not actually "his" pumpkin.

Cameron always enjoys the pumpkin Carving. He's the creative child in our house.

Amata was nice enough to help clean out Baylee's pumpkin. She likes anything that means getting dirty.

This was the final product. Pay no attention to the two that never got carved. We meant to finish those Thursday but just ran out of time. And I completely forgot about them on Friday, until I was taking this picture right before we went out. Oh well, you can see the nice paint job Amata & Caleb did on them!

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Trish said...

the paint looks fine- no need to carve! :)