Friday, November 28, 2008

Gone in 60 Seconds

Okay, it might not have been exactly 60 seconds, but it didn't take much longer than that to completely blow my Christmas budget at WalMart. I do not always go out on Black Friday, but this year they had stuff I wanted. Like Jeeps in pink & blue for only $88 each…they normally sell for at least $200. And, since we had the best WalMart employees ever by the Jeeps, I was able to get one of each color….loaded into my cars by them, at 2 minutes before 5.

And, my years of experience shopping with multiple children has trained me well enough to push/pull two carts through WalMart on Black Friday.

But, alas, there is always something. I realized on my way home that I did make a HUGE blunder. They had Leapster's on sale for only $30, so I picked one up for Amata. But, I did not pick one up for Caleb – UGGH! I know better. Really I do, Tyler & Cameron were also close in age. I think I'm going to blame the early morning for that blunder.

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