Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just Two Minutes

For some reason, even though my older boys are 10 & 12, for some reason they never answer the phone or the door. Unless, of course, they've got something planned. For example, on Friday shortly after school, the phone rang. It was literally about 2 inches away from Cameron, but he of course, was waiting for me to pick it up. I did, looked at the caller id and said, "It's for you."

He answered and talked to his friend for about 30 seconds, hung up, and went into the living room. Shortly after 5, the phone rang again, but this time, even though it was 25 feet away from Cameron, he came running into the kitchen to answer it. Two seconds later he asks, "Mom, can I sleep over at Sid's?" Like that wasn't planned!!

So today, the boys were downstairs with the babies. So I decided to take the opportunity to go to the bathroom all by myself. And since I didn't have 10 kids running around the house trying to break something, or someone, I thought that maybe I would even take my time.

Silly me. I no sooner got into the bathroom when the doorbell rang. The bathroom is directly above the family room, so I yelled for the boys to please answer it. Nothing. I yelled again, as the doorbell rang again. Nothing. I suppose I could have ignored it, but we ordered some chocolate covered popcorn from the boy scouts about a month ago, and I thought maybe it was them coming to deliver it. Besides the close call almost running out of Diet Coke yesterday, we actually have run out of chocolate here.

So I ended up having to rush back downstairs, just as the doorbell rang again, and they started pounding on the door. I'm beginning to think it is not the boy scouts coming to rescue me from my chocolate withdrawal; they just don't seem like the door pounding type. Just as I reach the door, Tyler starts walking upstairs. I said, no, no, I'll get it. He claimed he didn't hear me yell, but did he seriously not hear the doorbell ring THREE times?? And to top it all off, I open the door to find that, no, it is not the boy scouts. It was two of Tyler's friends coming to see if he wanted to play basketball.

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The Brown Gang said...

Sorry, you told them not to talk to strangers and that means answering phones and doors. LOL