Thursday, November 20, 2008


With Chris' job being in retail, he of course does no have Monday through Friday hours, to say the least. Which, in some respects, can be nice, like him having some time off during the week to take the kids to doctor appts, or preschool, etc. This particular week, he has all day Tuesday off, and didn't go in until 2 on Thursday, and noon the other three days. (The assistant mgr couldn't work night shifts this week for some reason.)

I love my husband, but having him home, during daycare for at least a half a day this week is really starting to cramp my style. It's kind of like having somebody stand over your shoulder while you are working. Especially since he used to run the daycare. I hate hearing comments like, "oh, you let them do that?"

Hopefully, next week, there will be a couple of day shifts in the schedule!

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Trish said...

hehe! I kinda know what you mean. My husband is home with our daughter during the week, so when I am there on the weekends I hear those comments. "I usually do it this way" or "Oh, you let her do that?" and my favorite "If you let her do that then how am I supposed to keep her on schedule when you are at work?".