Monday, March 30, 2009

Tough Life

After Chris got home from work tonight & we had dinner, we sat down on the couch to relax & watch some TV. At the time, Tyler & Cameron were downstairs with the babies. Not surprisingly, though, it didn't take too long for the little people to come up & join us.

Baylee, in fact, decided she wanted to sit right in the middle of Chris & I. So, I lifted her up onto the couch and plopped her down. But she kept squirming around until her feet were resting on my legs. And even then, she kept saying "mama" and whining until I looked down & started rubbing her feet. She sat there for at least 10-15 minutes while I massaged her feet.

I can imagine they must have been pretty tired, though. I mean what a tough life that little girl leads. Wake up, have somebody change your diaper, dress you, and get your breakfast. Play for a while, whine for more milk, have somebody change your diaper & make your lunch. Take a nap, wake up, have somebody change your diaper & get you a snack. Play for a while. Have somebody else change your diaper & make you dinner. Whew...I'm surprised she made it through the day.

But, of course, with a face like this....

how could I refuse?!

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