Friday, March 6, 2009

A Five Letter Word

Yesterday, Caleb came up to me pointing at his right ear and said ouwie. And, like most parents, I self diagnosed him with an ear infection and decided that after daycare, I would run him over to urgent care "quick" before Cameron's band concert. They actually have an Express Care, too, that only treats specific things, one of which is an ear infection, but, just as my luck seems to go, they were closed last night due to staffing, so we made our way to the urgent care, or same day clinic, or whatever they are calling it these days. Last month when we went there for the strep tests, we were the only ones there. Last night, when I only had 2 hours before Cameron's band concert to drive the 20 minutes to the clinic, see the doctor, pick up the prescription and drive 20 minutes home, there were like 20 people there. We spent 2 hours and 15 minutes at the clinic…135 minutes…and that didn't include the drive time. So needless to say, I completely missed Cameron's concert.

And then, as the doctor was checking him she said, "I'm afraid he is looking a lot like most of my patients today, they came down with the nasty virus that's going around." She checked his ears and said that neither one of them was infected. They were actually retracted (or something like that) because of his head cold and that's why they hurt. His glands were swollen and his throat was red so she did a strep test…negative. We wasted over 3 hours & missed Cameron's concert because Caleb has a V-I-R-U-S! I realize it is nobody's fault, but I really hate that word! What it basically means is, "so sorry you wasted your time and your child feels like crap, but there is nothing we can do for him." She said it has been lasting 3-4 days and just keep giving him Tylenol.

The only semi-bright spot was that since I didn't know how much Tylenol we had at home, we stopped at the hospital pharmacy to see how over prices theirs was…for a big bottle of generic Tylenol it was only $1.44!! I may have to start going there for my over the counter meds!!


Anonymous said...

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Trish said...

hospital pharmacies are great for cheap otc meds. They buy in bulk so they can price low!