Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Probably TMI

Lately, it has become harder & harder to get Caleb to sleep before 10, which is my mandatory bedtime...especially on a weeknight. And, I just haven't had the heart or the energy to use the Super Nanny technique of placing him in his bed and then spending the next hour or more placing him back into his bed every time he gets up. I know the time will come, soon, when we just have to bite the bullet & do it, but not yet.

That being said, there are many nights when Caleb ends up coming to bed with us in our bed. (To be honest, he ends up in our bed every night, but sometimes he does sleep in his bed for a few hours first...it's all in the name of sleep for mom & dad) We usually watch the 10 PM news and kiss good night and go to sleep. Lately, however, Caleb has been hijacking my goodnight kiss. When Chris leans over to kiss me, Caleb pops his head up & gives him a kiss. I mean, it's bad enough he's stealing my bed, but now my kisses? I think he just knows he's so darn adorable that I won't do anything to him for it!

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Trish said...

My little girl is the same way- sometimes she will start in her own bed but not always and every morning she wakes up in our bed no matter where she started out. I figure if that is what it takes for me to get some quality sleep then so be it! :)