Friday, March 13, 2009


I've really tried hard to not comment on Nadya Suleman, but it's just getting to be too much for me and I need to vent.

I've watched too many of her interviews, and have gotten more irritated each time. In one of her first interviews, she made a comment about this being "God's will". Give me a break. I'm thinking it was more God's will that she NOT have 14 children…I mean to me, blocked fallopian tubes might have been more of a sign. I am not against infertility treatments at all, but this woman & her doctor obviously crossed the line, having 6 embryos implanted into a single, unemployed woman who already had 6 children.

I would love to know how she could even afford the IVF, given the fact that she was on food stamps (temporary or not, it is still public assistance). To be perfectly honest, even her fingernails bother me. My husband & I both work over 40 hours a week (admittedly, I do daycare out of my home, but that is most certainly a JOB) to support our 5 children, and I do not have the time or the extra money to spend on my nails. I would also like to know how she is getting SSI for her children whose disability is ADHD? My daughter had ADHD and FAS, but we do not receive SSI. (Okay, so admittedly, that may have something to do with the fact that I have not applied for it, but still…)

And then to top it all off, I watched Dr. Phil yesterday to see all of the things being given to Nadya. I understand the Angels in Waiting, any sane person knows that is it impossible for her to care for 8 preemies by herself, not to mention the other 6 children. Without it, there is no doubt these babies would end up in foster care, costing the taxpayers even more money. But then, there was a general contractor donating his services, a flooring company donating flooring for the entire house, and another company providing a complete nursery for all 8 babies. (And again, yes, they will need cribs, but I think the simple models Wal-Mart has for under $100 would probably be sufficient.) My issue with it all is that I feel like we are again rewarding negative behavior. I realize the children have to be cared for, it just bugs me that their mom is getting things that I personally feel are not necessities.

The fact is there is simply no way that one person can provide for 14 children, not only financially, but emotionally. We "only" have five children, and there are two of us, and I often times feel that we are stretched too thin when it comes to giving all of our children the attention they deserve. Plain & simple, her decisions are just very selfish and her children & the taxpayers are the ones who will pay the price. I'm just thankful I don't live in California…those taxpayers will be paying even more than the rest of us!

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Trish said...

Sitting down? Cause this will steam you even more (I know it ticked me off!)--- she was getting disability for herself as well for a while and used the money she got from disability and SSI to pay for the infertility treatments. This came from her in one of the interviews.