Friday, March 27, 2009


My youngest 3 LOVE music. All three of them regularly give us concerts, complete with microphones & dancing. (Sadly, since Caleb does not have much a vocabulary, his concerts kind of sound like a dying animal, but Chris says I can't tell him to please top) Practically since birth, anytime they hear music they start to dance. The Toddler Tunes DVD is still one of their favorites, we play it at least once a day, and the also like to watch American Idol with me.

Lately, however, I'm wondering if we need to expose them to a little more culture. Currently, their favorite song is the McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish commercial. We have to rewind it & watch it again, at least 3 times whenever it comes on the TV and they get up & dance to it every single time. I admit, it is a catchy tune, but I don't know that I need to hear it over & over & over again!

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Carrie said...

Give me some of that FILET-O-FISH. Give me that fish!