Thursday, September 3, 2009

Soccer Star

Cameron and Amata are both playing soccer this year.

It’s Amata’s first year, but I thought she’d enjoy it since you pretty much get to run the whole time. She’s been acting a little shy thus far, though. She has kicked the ball a couple of times, though, and the ball has hit her foot a couple of more times, so I think she’d enjoying it.

Cameron is the one that I always used to say just enjoyed soccer because if you just keep running around the field, nobody knows your not actually kicking the ball. However, I can no longer say that. Last year, with Chris as his coach, his team didn’t lose a game, and no other team even scored a goal against them until the very last game. This year, it has been just the opposite. They only have one game left and hadn’t scored a single goal…until last night…when CAMERON scored his team’s first, and only, goal so far this year! Don’t get me wrong, it is very much a team sport, but he literally took the ball from mid-field and made the goal all by himself. Way to go Cameron!!

It’s too bad that this is the last year he can play unless we can figure out a way to get him on a team in another town.

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