Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Go Twins

I may have mentioned that Caleb has a slight obsession with balls. Okay, when a 2 year old will sit and watch a Twins baseball game on TV...and when they get upset come October when the baseball teams on TV are not the Twins...maybe it is more than a slight obsession. So, we decided to take him to his first Twins game...and only game in the Metrodome.

He was very excited about it, until we dropped the rest of the kids at Auntie Marnee's and discovered that she set up a pool for them. But, we did manage to talk him into coming along with us with the promise of swimming later. (We never said how much later). He was kind of in awe when we walked into the Dome. This is a boy that recognized the word Twins as baseball, so there was a lot to see!

(side note...ignore the smudge on all of the pictures...somehow the camera lens had a smudge on it. I'm wondering if that was at all tied to all of the random pictures of feet that were on the memory card)

We brought Tyler with too...although I believe his bad attitude was the reason the Twins lost. (As soon as he found out who the pitcher was, he said that they were going to lose.)

Caleb enjoyed all of the food required to eat at the ball park...

Yummy Dome Dogs
The did let him bring his Twins cup into the park.
But of course, once he saw we had pop, the cup of water was no longer good enough.

The cotton candy was the big winner, of course. Pure sugar combined with lots of sticky...who doesn't like that?! Look, even Tyler is enjoying it!

But by the end of the 5th inning, all of the excitement wore him out. (The fact that he decided not to sleep at all during the 2 hour drive up to the Cities didn't help.)

Plus, they lost anyway, so he really didn't miss anything. He also did a whole lot better than the two girls sitting directly behind us who were several years older, they were ready to go by the third inning.

All in all he did awesome. I bet he'll be even more excited about going next year to the outdoor stadium!

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