Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank Goodness for EBay

It would probably be an understatement to say that I am kind of “chesty”. And I am not bragging when I say that, bigger is certainly not always better. I cannot just walk into a store to buy a bra, I have to order them online, which gets tricky when finding a comfortable, nice fitting bra; especially ones that cost less than $80.00. But a few years ago I found “the one”. It fit well, was comfortable, and most importantly, cost under $30.00. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered any, and it was definitely time. So I went to the website I get them from and searched for my size, and the bra wasn’t there. I searched by the brand and found the bra, only to discover it is being discontinued and they no longer have my size.

I was crushed. It literally took me years to find that bra! So I spent too much time scouring the internet trying to find anybody that had some left. I searched using the brand & style number and was having no luck. So I just searched for the brand and the size and there it was. A power seller on EBay who had 24 left, and they were only $20 each with free shipping. I almost bought all 24 of them, but spending $500.00 on bras all at once, so I limited myself to 10…for now.

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