Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cameron

It was Cameron’s birthday on Friday…which is actually the exact same day he was born. It has taken 11 years for his birthday to fall on Good Friday. I specifically remember this, because in case you were wondering, there is absolutely NOTHING to watch on a hospital TV on Easter Weekend.

His birthday didn’t start out all that great. I had to go to pick up the tables I won on Ebay for my garage sale (I saved over $60 than if I had bought them new, and got an extra 8 foot table!), and I also wanted to get to the Social Security office so that I could finally apply for Caleb & Baylee’s new cards, because in case I forgot to mention it, a mere 6 months after their adoptions were finalized I finally received Caleb’s new birth certificate. I actually went alone, leaving Tyler & Cameron to watch the little ones. I might have felt bad, but I did ask them if they wanted me to take one of the babies with me, but they said no (I believe it was the dollar signs running through their heads.) I walked in the door to hear Tyler telling Cameron how much money they made. The house was a disaster and I had a bunch of papers on the table, which one of the kids had gotten into (okay, so it did cross my mind to put them away before I left, but for whatever reason I didn’t. Let’s pretend I did it on purpose to test them), and they did not change a single diaper the entire time I was gone – Baylee was soaked and the other two weren’t much better. So, after I made them change all 3 diapers, we had to have a little chat about what I expected to happen when I paid them to watch and care for the babies…primarily that I expect them to watch and care for the babies.

There was one positive note. I had to use the trailer to get all 5 of the tables, which is fine…as long as I do not have to back up. Even if I wanted to try at this point, I wouldn’t be allowed since the last time I tried to back up with a trailer I put a big dent in Chris’ pretty red truck. I get the whole theory of backing up with a trailer, but it never works for me. Since Chris was working, that left me in a little bit of a pickle of how to unload the trailer & remove it from the Suburban so we could meet Chris for birthday fun later that afternoon. Luckily, when I got home, there was a message from some friends of ours asking if they could borrow the trailer. I called them back right away and said they were more than welcome to use it…as soon as they could help me get backed into the driveway & removed from the truck.

Once that was done, and the kitchen was picked up a little, we headed off to meet Chris at the WOW Family Fun Center. They have an arcade, mini golf, laser tag & bowling. The cool thing about their arcade is you actually put money onto cards, similar to a hotel key, and they swipe it to play the games, and that keeps track of the tickets earned. Cameron’s favorite game is the Big Bass Fishing game, so that is where he went first…and proceeded to with the jackpot of 1000 tickets. That pretty much made it the coolest birthday ever for him. He won a jackpot on another game, too, although that was only 183 tickets. Caleb had a blast pretending to drive the car game, and Amata found a dancing game, so she was all good. We had some pizza, the boys played laser tag, and we then we headed home to enjoy some cake & open gifts (after I ran to Wal Mart to buy a cake and then went home to quick wrapped the gifts, because I’m very organized like that).

Tyelr was especially excited about singing Happy Birthday to him.

I think he had fun. And luckily, Caleb & Amata were there to help him open his gifts, as that can be a very daunting task to do alone. He got a PSP game, a jacket, a Giga Ball (Tyler was a little jealous about the giga ball.) and a Struxx kit to make several different electronic animals, which he spent the next 3 days putting it together.

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Trish said...

sounds like a great birthday! :) And I just have to say where has time gone? Your kids (especially noticable in the babies!) are growing so fast!