Thursday, April 23, 2009

Belated Easter

We were actually able to celebrate Easter on time...I was just not able to get any pictures posted on time. And before we get to the pictures, I just need to stress that the Easter Bunny does not normally bring such big toys for Easter. But, you see, (as I explained to the boys before Easter so they wouldn't think they got shafted) he was out shopping on Black Friday and came across a deal too good to pass up. And since it was more of a summer type of toy, Santa Claus really couldn't use them. And with Caleb's birthday in October, it really wouldn't even work for birthdays. So, Easter it was. Luckily, I also got great deals for the boys, too, so they didn't feel too bad.

We did manage to get the eggs colored before the big day...barely. These pictures were taken around 8:30 Saturday night. Cameron showed the little ones how before they tried their own eggs. Tyler was very excited about coloring the eggs.

Baylee has to wait until next year to color her own eggs, but she was awesome at supervising the others.

It was a pretty late night for the Easter Bunny, but he was able to get all of the real & fake eggs hidden, as well as the baskets. He did a pretty good job at hiding them, too. One of the daycare kids just found one of the fake eggs today, and there is still one more missing. (Notice, I referred to the Easter Bunny who cannot remember where the eggs were hidden as a male.) All of the kids enjoyed finding the eggs.

That is an egg in Caleb's hand, it just happened to be right next to the TV where SpongeBob was on.

Although, obviously, Tyler was the most excited.

The baskets were pretty well hidden, but eventually they all found their loot. Tyler had to be threatened with not getting a basket again before he got off of his behind to go outside & look. He did admit it was worth the effort, though.

The little kids hung outside for a while after that to try out their new wheels. There were some crashes. The first one recorded shows the blue truck running into the pink one, and some people complain about woman drivers. (There was a rumor going around that the pink truck may have actually run into the Suburban before this, but there is no evidence to support that rumor.)

I hope you all had a great Easter!

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