Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Wow it's been three months...I guess 8 kids, 3 birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Vacation, New Years & a laptop crashing really make time fly! Luckily, it was a slow crash, so I was able to save the pictures I'd taken since August on my flash drive....not to mention ALL of our daycare files that I hadn't backed up since November. (I really didn't want to go back to all of our parents to ask them how much they paid us last year!) I hadn't backed up Quicken since then either, but so far, I've managed to recreate our check ledger since then & I only have 4 checks left that I don't know who they were written to. The bank said they could get me copies of them for $4 a piece, but I know it probably isn't worth it, since I doubt it would make much of a difference on my taxes.

Anyhow...I'm hoping to get pictures from Caleb's birthday updated soon.

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Trish said...

welcome back!