Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caleb's 3rd Birthday

Caleb turned 3 back in October; the day before Halloween to be exact. Since they were allowed to wear their costumes to school that day, he had to open one of his gifts that morning.

That's right, he got a Green Bay Packer's, uniform complete with shoulder pads & a helmet (although we didn't show him the helmet until after school, since they couldn't wear masks to school). They may not have had their best season this year, but we are die-hard Packer's fans at our house.

We did make him wait until school & daycare were over before he got to open the rest of his gifts.

Baylee was very excited about his domino train!

But Caleb's second favorite gift (right after the Packer's uniform that he refused to take off all day) was a guitar.

Baylee was just excited for new toys period.

You can never go wrong with a ball & glove. Especially a soft ball, that will most likely not break anything.

Or with a book about baseball...

He has found some things he enjoys, in addition to anything ball related. And Cars is one of those things. Luckily, Cars was one of the few cakes Cub had left when I was cake shopping.

Waiting patiently for the cake to be cut.

As usual, everybody loves cake time!

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Trish said...

The kids are getting so big! Looks like Caleb had a fun birthday!