Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm not drinking it!

When CJ was initially placed with us, he was on Soy formula. I really didn't know why, I just figured it was working for him, so I continued giving it to him. (And really, there's no point in asking why, because chances are pretty slim chance that the social worker would know why anyway. The parents don't usually write detailed care instructions when their kids get taken away.) When we went to his WIC appointment, I asked if the nurse thought he needed to go to Soy milk, too, instead of whole. She said that typically babies who are on soy formula have outgrown the need for it by the time they turn one, so he would probably be fine with whole milk. And, in order for him to get soy milk through WIC, he would actually need a doctors note.

She did say that we could get lactose free milk with WIC, so if he didn't do well with whole we should try that. At first he seemed to do okay with whole milk, but after a couple of days he started getting a light rash on his chest & his back, so I decided to try out the lactose free milk. (Which, in case you were wondering is twice as much as regular milk...thank goodness for WIC!) Since we made the switch to lactose free the rash has gone away, so I will probably stick with it.

There is just one thing that is bothering me about it, though. I bought the carton about a week ago, and I just happened to notice the expiration date on it. September 10, 2009. Since when does milk last for over a month & a half? And while I admit I don't like milk anyway, unless it's chocolate, there is no way on earth I would drink that milk on September 9th. Is lactose really what makes milk expire so fast?

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Trish said...

We buy organic milk for my daughter and it too lasts for an unusally longer amount of time compared to non-organic. Not sure why.