Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catching My Breath

I’ve been thinking that if I didn’t actually have to write these blog entries, I could probably get a lot more posted. I think of things I’d like to post about all the time, but I just don’t seem to get them into the computer! I also think about getting my house cleaned. Like the whole house all at once, not just one room at a time, but that never seems to happen either. You’d think by this day & age, somebody would have figured out a way to let you get things done by just thinking about them.

Oh well, until that happens, we’ll all just have to put up with my sporadic blogging.

June was a very busy month for us. I think there was only one weekend we were not traveling, and so of course we were at the camper that weekend. I am so glad we decided to get a seasonal site last summer. We don’t even have to move it over the winter, and it’s all set up and ready to go whenever we can get out there. (And they have a baby pool, which is VERY important to me!)

We went to my cousin Tracy’s wedding the last weekend in June. It was very pretty, and my girls had a blast at the reception. My sister Megan hit the dance floor with Amata (A.K.A “Mini Meggie”) and Baylee is apparently quite the little groupie! She would stand on the dance floor for 10 or 15 minutes at a time just staring at them. At one point the guitar player got down on his knee to play to her. I’d love to show you some pictures of it…at one point I thought about bringing my camera, but it was a fleeting thought because I completely forgot to grab it.

On the way home from the wedding, we stopped at the Mall of America to take the kids to Underwater World. They all really enjoyed it, although it was quite spendy. We’ve gone before and I didn’t remember it being so expensive. (And Caleb & Baylee were both free because they are both under 3, so it wasn’t because there were so many more kids that is seemed expensive.) Oh well, it was probably worth it since they all really did get a kick out of it.

From there we went to the Rainforest Café for lunch. They little ones really like seeing the fish & animals there. It was also a little spendy, but that was probably due to the fact that I completely forgot about the gift card I had in my wallet. I was ready to head home after that, but for some reason Chris always wants to walk through Nickelodeon Universe. That’s not a fun area for me to walk through with 5 kids on a weekend…without a stroller. We made it, though, and finally made our way home to pick up CJ from respite care.

Our Forth of July week & weekend was not so very exciting though. Unless you consider 2 children under 3 with very runny diapers & vomiting exciting. I seriously cannot even count how many diapers we had to change. I chose not to count how many towels, sheets and blankets that had to be washed, because I think it would just depress me. Caleb seemed to be better by Saturday, so I decided he could go camping with me, the boys & Amata. We decided to skip heading out to the fireworks show when he threw up at the table.

Fortunately by Monday, they both seemed to be fully recovered. I am slowly, but surely making through that pile of laundry! Here’s hoping the rest of July goes better, and it not quite as busy as June was!

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