Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I’m Sorry Cameron

I have suffered from migraines since Cameron was 3 months old. And, so, I have always contributed the migraines to being pregnant with him and delivering him…a delivery with very non-effective pain meds.

But, I started to rethink that. Tonight, at dinner, during the 25 minute discussion with Tyler about him having to eat a meatball before he could have another cheese filled breadsticks…a meatball that was less than 1 inch in diameter…I really began to rethink that.

When Cameron was 3 months old, Tyler would have been 2 ½ years old, about the time he would have started talking with words & sentences. I think that might be what caused the onset of the migraines. And here I've been "blaming" Cameron for all of these years!

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