Monday, May 18, 2009

The Nerve

About a week ago, we had our annual garage sale. It went really good. Of course, it did rain on Friday but it wouldn’t be a sale without some rain! We were busy the entire sale, we actually set a new record...$1392.00! My share was about the same as usual, but I really didn’t have any big stuff; I think almost everyone else made more than in the past.

There was one thing that really irritated me, though. At one point I looked down the driveway and noticed a familiar person walking up. Familiar in a bad way. It was a former daycare client…one who still owes us quite a bit, even though her children haven’t been here in almost a year. Now she certainly isn’t the first person who has stiffed us on a bill, but I just think it takes a lot of nerve to come to my garage sale and buy my stuff knowing you owe us money! I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, a good friend of hers also owes us money & yet still brings her daughter trick-or-treating at our house every year.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the very next day I got a phone call from a previous client who also owes us money (although not a huge amount). I chose not to answer because I see no reason to waste my breath on someone like her, but she did leave a voicemail saying she was looking for daycare for her 4 year old. No mention of the fact that she still owed us from the last time we cared for her daughter over a year ago. And when I didn’t call her back after that, she called again a couple of days later. It makes me think there are probably a few other bridges she has burned with other daycare providers and so now she is trying to find somebody who doesn’t remember her.

I’m just saying that if I owed somebody money that I had no intention of paying, I would at least try to avoid from them.

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