Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Amata

Amata turned 4 on Mother's Day this year. We didn't get to go out on her birthday, though, because we ended up with a couple of sick kids, but she still enjoyed her gifts & ice cream cake.

She actually got to open one of her gifts a day early because her auntie, Meggie Pie, was here for the garage sale that weekend. (And don't even try to call her Megan in front of Amata, she will correct you.) She loved her new Baker outfit and all of the goodies that go with it!

I did end up taking her & Tyler with me to Mankato to get some groceries and a quick trip to the pet store. Once we got home, she got to open her gifts.

She got a stuffed monkey with a blanket...

Some Moon Sand, which needs to be an outdoor toy because it is NOT just like Play-Do that doesn't dry out!

She also got a washable Dora Doodle Mat, however, we did discover that is wasn't the same as the magic markers that will only write on the things it is supposed to write on. These markers show up very well on skin, too.

And what was probably her favorite gift, her own digital camera with an LCD screen to preview the pictures...because she really doesn't care if they ever get developed, she just wants to see them right away. (This is my favorite gift, too, as I'm hoping this would stop her from using my digital camera)

Caleb decided that if Amata was going to start taking still pictures with her new camera, he would be in charge of the video camera. (Notice Tyler in the background, excited as always)

Her cake is actually a brownie ice cream sundae pie from Schwans, but she loved it as did the rest of us, 'cuz it was yummy!

Poor Baylee...she always ends up asleep during cake time. (She was one of the sick kids that day. Cameron was the other, but he still managed to suck down the cake!)

We did make it to the Wow Zone last weekend to finish her birthday celebration for pizza & games. And by now, a couple of weeks since her actual birthday, she has even started giving her correct age when people ask how old she is. Prior to her birthday, she was telling everybody that she was going to be 6.

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